5 Ways to Make your Rehearsal Dinner Memorable

Generally held the evening before the wedding, the rehearsal event is a fabulous way for both families to spend quality time together in an easy-going environment. This is the night for the bride and groom to breathe a sigh of serenity and enjoy the official kick-off of their wedding celebration. Oh, and it’s also an excuse to throw a great shaker!

The following five ideas will help make your pre-wedding party unforgettable:

Switch it up

Is your wedding a formal soiree in an elegant venue? Then consider a more relaxed backyard BBQ with a casual dress code for your rehearsal dinner. Conversely, you may want this event to be intimate and sophisticated if you’re having a laid-back celebration for your wedding. This contrast adds a fun element of surprise for your guests and enhances the overall experience of your festivities.

His and Her fun facts

Some of the attendees at the rehearsal dinner may not know your spouse and vice versa. The best ice breaker? Fun facts about the bride and groom!

Name Tags

Again, guests may be mingling for the first time, or the first time in a long time. Providing this subtle information on on who’s who can prove to be quite helpful when meeting new faces.

Don’t be afraid to style it pretty!

Yes, it’s not your actual wedding, but this dinner is ripe for decor! Basic table florals and creative welcome signage can be very effective, easy and inexpensive.

Honour the evening with a special keepsake

Ask everyone at the dinner to sign a bottle of champagne for you to crack on your first anniversary. Invest in a Polaroid camera and have attendees write date ideas on the back of each photo. Pass around “Marriage Advice for the Bride and Groom” cards and collect them at the end of the evening. Small touches like these will stay with you forever, adding layers of sentimentality to your wedding journey.

Let us know if you did or are planning anything special for your rehearsal dinner.