5 Ways to Print Wedding Invitations

Believe it or not, there is a lot of technique involved in printing stationary and many different methods, especially when it comes to printing items like wedding invitations. Before you commit yourself to a certain style, it’s important to take into account the cost of each option, and the turnaround time. Below are some possibilities to consider for your special day!

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Letterpressed invites have a gorgeous tactile quality that is hard to beat. This style of printing uses a centuries-old technique in which ink is applied to a raised plate design and then pressed into paper, resulting a wonderfully textured impression. This is a pricier process that can take three weeks to a month.

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Digital Printing
Digital printing is very affordable, and because of advances in printing technology, you can print with an endless amount of colours on all types of gorgeous papers.

Foil Stamping
With this method, a heated copper plate pushes foil onto paper, leaving a metallic design. This approach is very elegant and looks best when used sparingly on an invitation. Foil stamping is an upscale option with a longer turnaround time, but it will definitely make a statement!

Opt for classic calligraphy if you’re looking for something unique and artisanal. A skilled calligraphist will have special tools and ink to design your invites by hand! This is another lovely option but probably more practical for smaller weddings. Alternatively, you could hire a calligraphist to handwrite guests’ names and addresses on each envelope for a formal finish.


Translucent vellum paper is pretty, versatile and comes in a spectrum of colors and patterns. Printing on vellum won’t break the bank, and the design possibilities are endless. We suggest using it to give your stationary a style boost, adding luxe layers and dimension to your invitations!

What is your favourite invitation style? Do you have questions about which printing direction to take? Feel free to pick our brains – drop us a line at info@jacquelinerae.ca!