Currently Coveting | January

Welcome to the first edition of Currently Coveting! What does Coveting mean? It is the yearning to have or have something you love.

We get asked regularly, what are you wearing, reading, and curating for your home and for others. People love to be in the know with new products, great fashion, and items to inspire them and we want to help! Each month we will be curating fashion items, home décor, business tools, and overall things we are loving and deliver to you on the blog. We look forward to having you here and hope you love the items as much as we do! Items will be listed in number with a brief description below and a link to purchase or find the items.

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1. Work Play | Jaclyn Johnson

This read should be on every boss babes nightstand or Audible list! This girl just gets it and creates an inspiring but realistic look into entrepreneurship and the process behind it. We took away so many great nuggets and learning from Jaclyn and could not recommend this literature enough. Jaclyn is the the founder and CEO behind Create and Cultivate, the fastest growing online platform and conference for millennial women in business.

2. Leah Alexandra | Sunny Necklace, Moonstone | Apostle Boutique

If you know me, you know I love either simplistic, delicate jewelry or statement pieces, and this stunning and very versatile piece can take you from casual day to romantic evening. Wear it shorter and closer to your neckline or a little longer and layer with other delicate items. Great news YYC, Apostle is local and it’s co-founder, Alayne is so wonderful and helpful with styling pieces together!

3. ORIBE Hair Care Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Seriously this stuff is magic, you won’t buy another dry-shampoo again after using it! It adds the perfect amount of volume and texture to your hair without creating residue and smells delicious!

JR TIP – I spray a little even on freshly washed hair for extra grip and texture. Who doesn’t love instant day-two hair!

4. Gorjana | G Ring Set, Gold | Apostle Boutique

I love ring stacking! These stacks of three are simplistic enough to wear everyday or alone with other pieces and have a subtle texture to the gold plating.

5. Madeleine Mirror | Anthropologie

Oh Anthro, just take all our money! This delicate round mirror is perfect for a half-bathroom or hallway wall piece and showcases a quint trim on the top. Not overstated and perfectly simple and balanced, touching on multiple décor styles.

6. Lilian Oval Back Upholstered Dining Chair | Wayfair

Traditional décor is in and we adore a modern twist on a conventional item with these upholstered dining chairs. Clean lines with regal support match the same design and style around your table or pair with a wingback each end of a rectangular shape.

7. Gallery Frame Slim Brass | Indigo Chapters

Gallery walls and wall frames are our jam and we love to incorporate into our own home as well as our clients to showcase beautiful prints and photographs of their wedding, family, and adventures.

JR TIP – When curating frames, choose a larger mat around the image to create drama, fill more wall space, and heighten your walls to allow a balanced look.

8. Blue-Light Blocking Glasses | Amazon

We live and breath in a technology-rich world and our eyes bounce between computers, phones, and electronic devices that hurt and stain our eyes. We purchased these a-month-ago and feel it helps minimize the glare and strain of bright electronics that we work on regularly.

9. The One-Minute Gratitude Journal | Amazon

In twenty-nineteen we set out to appreciate and reflect on areas we were grateful for. Bring on the gratitude journal to help us start on this journey.

10. Vintage Pink Trenchcoat | H&M

Y’all know this girl loves her long coats and trenches! Beyond obsessed with this vintage pink colour that will pair beautifully in Spring. It is the perfect length and has the best details on this capsule piece.

11. Day Designer for Blue Sky planner | Amazon

iYears and years, we continue to go back to the Day Designer brand. The daily and monthly views with hourly schedule and to-do list keep us uber-organized and on-task with our goals. The quality is amazing, and we highly recommend!

And there you have it, our first-monthly edition of Currently Coveting. We welcome your thoughts, suggestions for pieces you want us to curate and overall good vibes!

Thanks for being here,