Introducing: The Indecisive Bride

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re engaged to be married. Lifted and elated, you’re reliving the proposal, envisaging the moment, pausing every five minutes to eyeball that handsome new ring on your finger. Engagement is a lovely period of time in coupledom – relish it, and use the term “fiancée,” even if it feels weird. It’s kind of a one-time thing.

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If the thought of a wedding spurs feelings of pure delight and inspires you to break out your coiled notebooks, label makers and highlighters, you might be Type A: an organized planner, driven by goals and deadlines. If the thought of orchestrating this event sends tumbleweeds through your brain, you’re Type B: the spontaneous procrastinator with a more laid-back approach to life.

Whether you’re Type A or B or somewhere in between, one thing is for absolute certain: you will have a boatload of decisions to make regarding your wedding day. Destination, venue, guest list, food and beverage, dress, bridesmaids, photographer, flowers – you’ll be up to your elbows in choices and other people’s (good natured, but hasty) opinions.

Your next few months could trigger a somber condition called “analysis paralysis” – it’s when your brain explodes from excessive wedding options and possibilities. But don’t fret for a second! It’s 100% treatable and somewhat preventable if you’re willing to breathe deeply and follow the Indecisive Bride’s Guide like it’s your job.

As my pen name name suggests, I’ve had my fair share of the “wedding feels” – the type that spike your blood pressure and make you want to drink Windex. I wasn’t sure where to start, what to budget, or which friend’s advice to take. The endless decision-making was the most taxing part of the wedding stuff, and if I could wiggle my nose and go back in time, I would have hired a wedding planner to coax me through it, or better yet, take on my to-do list so that I could kick back with a smooth glass of Rosé and some Rod Stewart.

That said, my wedding day was the most extraordinary, emotionally charged day of my life. The amount of love in one room is moving and overwhelmingly beautiful. I want to make sure that you get there, with less stress than I did! Stay tuned for more posts from me, the Indecisive Bride – maybe I’ll be able to shed some light on your planning activity – but maybe not, I can’t decide.