Planning the Perfect Proposal

Ah, love. You’re enamored, you’ve found the one and you’re ready to make the ultimate commitment: marriage. It’s a beautiful thing! And something that we take pretty seriously, here at Jacqueline Rae, if you haven’t noticed. Planning the perfect proposal for your sweetie is entirely possible, but like anything special, it takes planning and preparation.

While we can’t guarantee your partner will say “yes,” we can help make it pretty hard for them to say “no.” Read on for all the important steps to a perfect proposal!

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The Blessing

If your partner is the traditional-type, asking their parent(s) for their blessing before the proposal is key. On the flip side, if you’re a more liberal couple, asking for a blessing could be a faux pas in your partner’s eyes. Have a candid conversation with your love and see where they stand on the issue.

The Ring

The ring is a big step, a relationship milestone and a significant financial investment in some cases. Buying a ring requires a lot of research. Find a way to ask your partner, or their BFF what type of engagement rings they like. Is their taste in jewelry blingy, or more understated? Are they into diamonds, or other gemstones? Do they want to be surprised, or involved in the process? You have homework – make sure you dig in and find out the details!

The Location

The location of the proposal should be meaningful, but it doesn’t have to be lavish. Think of all the special locations you’ve been together, the place you fell in love in, your first date, etc. Sometimes the most romantic setting is simpler than you think – your own living room or your favourite park!

The Moment

Make the moment yours, and don’t feel like you must recreate someone else’s proposal. If it’s from the heart, then your partner will melt! Think of all the reasons you love this person; all the ways they make your life better and why you want to spend forever together. Then, find a way to put that into words. Easy…right!?

The Photo

Don’t forget to capture the moment, right after it happens! It doesn’t necessarily need to go on social media, but it’s a brilliant keepsake to look back on. Consider hiring someone to take a few pictures afterward, or just snap a selfie of your big grins in that special moment!

Need a little help pulling everything together? Contact us today and let us help create your perfect proposal!