The Indecisive Bride’s Guide to Engagement

So you’re engaged! High-fives, bubbles and a lot of squealing are in order. The first week of engagement you’ll drift through a love-laden fog, reliving the moment, soaking in the reality that you’re going to marry your one and only. But the fog will clear, and then what?

IBG Wedding Engagement.png

It’s time to get down to business and start considering the next phase of your engagement. The steps you take at the beginning will set you up for a successful and seamless wedding planning process.

Spread the word

Having already shared the news with your close friends and family, you’ll want to make an announcement to your broader network. Consider sending out a professional photo of you and your partner, or go the simple route and post a charming selfie on social media. This is a very special time – don’t be afraid to mark the occasion and share the news!

Insure your bling!

I know, total buzz kill. But you’ve got to insure that rock! A ring could so easily get lost in the everyday – down the drain, at the beach, in the snow, or at the gym. I once met a bride who accidentally swallowed her own ring, thus convincing me that anything is possible. Talk to your jeweler and protect your new sparkle.

Engagement party

This is a major moment – celebrate with your people! Your squad is going to be thrilled for you so go ahead, drink all the champagne, display all the dance moves and overuse the term “fiancé.”

Dream a little dream

Sit down with your partner and start thinking about your dream wedding. Where do you want to tie the knot? What time of year? Who is on the guest list? Hash out an honest brainstorm and determine what is realistic for your given budget.

Enlist the help of a pro

The amount of decisions post-engagement is sure to make your head explode. Hiring a wedding planner can bring your dream to fruition, without the headache! If you’re unsure about venues, budget, or vendors (photography, catering, flowers, etc.), then seek the guidance of a planner ASAP. A planner’s advice is invaluable – as a professional, they have meaningful insight into the wedding world and may be able to make recommendations you hadn’t considered.

If you’re anything like me, the stress of decision-making is enough to make you cry in the sink. For your own peace of mind, contact a wedding planner before booking anything. Pick their brain and browse their service offerings – it might be the right route for you!