The Indecisive Bride’s Guide to Wedding Menus and Dietary Restrictions

The wedding menu is yet another important decision for the happy couple! These days it’s more than just “chicken or fish” – we’re talking about fad diets, devout veganism, dairy intolerance and gluten allergies. So, what should you serve on your wedding day?!

Perhaps your partner and you are deeply committed to a paleo diet, or maybe you have serious food allergies. I’ve got good news: your dietary restrictions don’t need to limit your menu, and they also don’t have to be forced onto your guests!

Consider a menu that mixes in things you can, and love, to eat with general crowd pleasers. For cocktail hour, you might opt for more vegetarian options (like grilled vegetables) and scattered protein options like cheese platters, smoked salmon or chicken skewers. Charcuterie boards can be easily altered to include more vegetarian options with a variety of yummy spreads and cheese alternatives. Make sure to interview your caterer and be clear about the dietary needs of your wedding guests. They should be able to come up with an assortment of dinner options to accommodate your requests.

Cake, on the other hand, can be tricky as gluten and dairy-free options can sometimes fall flat. To be safe, let your guests choose between an indulgent chocolate dessert and then provide an alternative like gluten and dairy free cupcakes or homemade sorbet with all the fixings.

The one thing a wedding planner must be extremely cautious of are nut and shellfish allergies. These types of food allergies can be life-threatening, and the risk of cross-contamination is too great in a large venue with many guests. Skip the shrimp and forget the peanut M&Ms at the candy bar; nothing puts a damper on a party like a trip to the emergency room!

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