The Signature Cocktail Done Right

Featuring a signature cocktail at your wedding is a budget-friendly way to personalize the party and offer something fun and unique to your guests. Perhaps it’s a Sangria recipe from your trip to Spain, or your favourite winter nightcap. It could be the craft beer from your first date, or a summer champagne cocktail. Need some inspiration? You’ll nail it with the ideas below.

The Signature Cocktail Done Right.png

Love Punch

Easy to serve and simple to make in large, boozy quantities! And your guests will dig a self-serve bar.

Customized Cocktails

If you’re feeling clever, take a classic drink and make it your own! We also like “Mai Tai the Knot,” “Mrs. Margarita” and “Main Squeeze Lemonade.”

His & Hers

If you and your partner’s tastes differ, serve two separate drink features and let the guests do the choosing!

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Let us know your thoughts on the Signature Drink!