Vendor Spotlight: Blush & Raven

This month we interviewed Liane Knox, Owner and Founder of Blush & Raven, one of Calgary’s premier bridal, bridesmaid and special event wear boutiques. Blush & Raven features fashion houses from all over the world who specialize in premium fabrics, versatility and runway couture. Liane has a way of finding the unconventional edge of high fashion glamour while balancing the softness and delicacy of the bridal world. For any ladies tying the knot next year, we suggest you reach out to the Blush & Raven team. Your dream dress awaits!

JR: Tell us about your business. How did you get started in bridal/special event fashion?

LK: The concept of Blush & Raven was born when I was planning my own wedding and had custom jewelry made just for me and each member of my bridal party. This experience evoked an idea that formulated into what B&R is today – a full-service bridal and bridesmaid boutique offering a unique and customized appointment for each bride to find her perfect dress.

JR: What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

LK: The industry itself is so welcoming and inclusive; we’ve worked with countless local vendors and made so many connections so quickly, it’s been amazing. Everyone truly has the utmost respect for one another and what each of us contributes to the bridal experience. I feel so lucky to be a part of this community!

JR: How do you stay current and up-to-date on fashion trends?

LK: Going to market each year in some of our favourite cities (New York, London, Toronto) gives us an exciting sneak peek into the upcoming trends. From there, we select what we know our brides will love. Pinterest and Instagram never hurt for inspiration either! And of course, working with the creative individuals in the city always invigorates us too!

JR: Any interesting new colours or styles that interest you for 2019?

LK: We’re loving the more understated, simplistic lines from a few of our designers, using the most luxurious silks and crepe fabrics. Blush underlay is also so flattering on most skin tones and adds a little something different for the non-traditional woman who still wants that bridal feel. The lace stands out with a little colour underneath!

JR: Who is your favourite dress designer?

LK: This is a tough one, we love them all so much! Each designer brings a uniqueness to our floor that we can’t live without. Flora’s delicate lace, Savin’s immaculate tailoring, Emmy Mae’s one of a kind patterns and embroidery – it’s impossible to choose just one!

JR: Where can we best find you?


Instagram: @blushandravenyyc



Thank you Liane for sharing your story and allowing us to get to know you and your team more,