Your Guide to Unforgettable Wedding Favours

If you’re allocating a portion of your wedding budget to party favours, spend the money on something fun and unique! Gift your guests with something they’ll want to actually keep, eat, or drink! Below are some fresh ideas for your upcoming event.

Your Guide to Unforgettable Wedding Favours.png

Handmade Soap

Soap can be gorgeous, but it’s also a basic necessity and something every household restocks on!

Mini Cocktails

If your friends and family like to party, how can you go wrong with a mini cocktail? They are easy to DIY and fun for your guests!

Tiny Succulents

Here is another charming household gift that your guests will grow very excited over. (See what we did there?!)

Honey or Jam

This tasty favour will have your guests thinking of you over their morning toast and eggs. It also gives you the opportunity to enlist the help of relatives who love the art of canning!

Vintage Tea Cups

Tea cups are a unique touch and go well with vintage-inspired weddings. They can also double as a beautiful display, making your day that more memorable. Another idea – add a tea light to each cup, and include them in your table settings.

Olive Oil

For the foodie couple! Olive oil is not only useful and delicious; it’s a sophisticated way of saying “thank you.”


Popcorn is inexpensive and again, something that most people keep in their pantries. Dress it up with ribbon and tags and you’ve got yourself a lovely wedding favour.

Let us know, will you be offering your guests wedding favours or forgoing for another thank you option.