All the Goods of the Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Calling all bridesmaids! This is your chance to shine. Your bride needs you for emotional support and to stand beside her, but above all, she needs you to think ahead and anticipate her needs. Follow this simple outline and you’ll be in her good books for life!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit.png

Sewing kit

Whether it’s the bride, flower girl or groomsman, someone is bound to blow a button or snap a strap before the vows. Stock your kit with sewing needles, safety pins, scissors, fashion tape, and thread. Static guard is a must for those clingy dresses.

Super glue

Sounds strange, but it’s for when the sewing kit fails and something needs quick refastening! Think nail fixes, shoe heels, decorations, and even jewels. Remember, not all heroes wear capes!

Cellphones and cash

Bridesmaid dresses aren’t exactly practical when it comes to storage. Save everyone the hassle of carrying their phone and store their cash for the bar, or cab fare. Collect the goods in the morning and guard them in the emergency kit!


Even though you’ll spend hours primping, there will be nerves and sweat, resulting in makeup casualties and shiny foreheads. Be sure to pack powder, bronzer, lipstick, eyebrow pencils and lipstick. Tissues, Q-tips and wet-wipes will come in handy too!

Snacks and water

Many brides get jitters, causing a major decrease in appetite. This always backfires, especially when champagne is involved. Include water or Gatorade in the kit and keep your girls hydrated! A non-messy snack with some substance like nuts or granola bars will help your bride stay steady all day.

Floss and mints

Your bride has to be fresh as a daisy for her first kiss as a married person! Remember the mouthwash and forget the gum – it could easily end up on someone’s dress, hair or seat!


Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Band-Aids are critical, especially when battling heat or photo shoots in precarious places. Blood just doesn’t blend in on a white gown!

Don’t have time for DIY? If you’re feeling generous, visit for the Cadillac of wedding kits. Alternatively, Bed, Bath & Beyond offers a compact $20 package with the basics, and has an array of beautiful personalized bags and items. Don’t miss the opportunity to cover your bride’s back and make her day extra special!