All You Need to Know About Escort Cards, Place Cards & Seating Charts

Wedding escort cards are the same as place cards, right? Wrong! If you’re planning a wedding anytime soon, you should definitely know the diff.

Escort Cards.png

Wedding place cards

While both types of cards designate where your guests will sit at a wedding reception, place cards are more detailed and formal than an escort card. A place card indicates which table a guest will be seated at, and also the exact seat. Some venues will require place cards if they’re serving a sit-down dinner in order to specify dishes, allergies and preferences.

Wedding escort cards

Escort cards are where it’s at right now. They’re a more laid-back version of the place card and direct guests to a table, rather than a table and a seat. That may seem like a subtle difference, but it means your guests can sit where they like once they’ve reached their table.

Seating charts

A seating chart is a large map that lays out where each guest will be sitting. Traditionally, guests find themselves on the chart. Then, they make their way to their table and assigned seat. The beauty of escort cards? You can do away with seating charts and place cards! And if we may be so bold, sometimes an escort card can serve as a party favour, too. Below are some creative versions of escort cards that we love!