The Indecisive Bride: Planning a Wedding That’s True to Your Style

Before I got married, I sought the wisdom of my married friends. What kind of dress should I wear? What are the best locations? What colours are in right now? I wanted to replicate weddings I’d been to, designs I’d seen, but I also wanted to be original.

Escort Cards (1).png

After mulling over my friend’s feedback and counsel, I was more indecisive than ever. (Note: Pinterest makes it worse.) I didn’t know what I wanted anymore, because I was trying to be someone else. I resolved to be true to my own style from thereon, but I wasn’t sure how. Finally, I enlisted the help of an expert – enter wedding planner!

The sagest advice I received from my wedding guru? Be yourself, and be in the moment. My planner got to know me, validated my personal style, and relieved all that pressure. Here’s a simple anecdote: I had committed myself to white hydrangeas, because everyone endorsed them. But the truth is, I’d been picturing sunflowers at my wedding since I was a kid. When my planner massaged this out of me, she found a way to incorporate sunflowers into my bouquet and centerpieces, confirming my love for these not-so-trendy flowers in the most beautiful way.

“Your wedding doesn’t need to be trendy, and it shouldn’t be about what other people are doing,” she said. “It’s about your dreams, your love, and your own uniqueness.” A great planner will help you stay true to your style by making sure you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day.

I felt the most myself at my wedding because of my planner’s support. Not to mention her creativity, organization and obvious passion for the industry. If you’re feeling indecisive, stressed or even a little worried about all things wedding, book a coffee with a local planner and get the most of your day, by staying true to your style.