Halloween Décor: Fun Ideas for Home

Copy of Holiday Decor.png

Bat Wreath

Make it look like your front door hosts a family of bats! Trick-or-treaters will love it, but it also looks pretty from the street! Simply purchase fake rubber bats and assemble them with wire or fishing line in and around a natural wreath.

Pumpkin Bouquets

These are so gorgeous; you’ll want to keep them around all year! Click here for a great tutorial.

Weave a Web

String rope or yarn over old frames for a spooky, vintage look. Don’t forget the faux spider!

Pumpkin Faces

Go avant-garde this year and display a stylish family of pumpkins on your front step! Spray paint pumpkins gold, black, or white and adorn them with funny hats, dollar store glasses and bow ties! The best part? No carving required!

Pendant Lanterns

While they’re not necessarily spooky, pendant lanterns create a glowy, nocturnal atmosphere on your front step. Fill extras with pumpkins and gourdes – harvest meets Halloween!



LifestyleJacqueline Delorme