Wedding Photos for the Camera Shy

While there is no escaping the paparazzi on your wedding day, some couples would rather drink Windex than strike a romantic pose for the ever-present lens on their special day. Sure, the forced affection can feel contrived and awkward, but the outcome is so worth it! A wedding album is a timeless keepsake and in 50 years’ time, those photographs will be invaluable.

So if you and your partner suffer from camera shyness, fear no more. There is help and hope for you! Here are some things to keep in mind as your big day approaches:

Research your photographer

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of the spotlight, be sure to choose the right photographer for you. If you’re keen on natural, unprompted images then consider hiring a documentary photographer. This type of shooter will simply document the flow of the event with little intervention, capturing the moments and emotions in a more spontaneous light. Choose someone you connect with and feel comfortable having around a lot.

Get your Zen on

Feeling relaxed on your wedding day will benefit you in many ways, but it will especially help with photos. The morning of your wedding, take a walk with your wedding party, sip a mimosa or crank your favourite song. Maybe you start the day with 30 minutes of meditation or yoga, or go outdoors for some quiet/alone time. However you choose to chill out, make sure you take a moment to focus on what really counts – the incredible amount of love that surrounds you.

Take some direction

As much as intervention can feel uncomfortable, having someone help set the stage isn’t a bad thing. Directions like, “put your hand in your pocket,” or “lean in for a kiss,” are easy to follow and result in less stress and better photos. A good photographer should make you feel comfortable and help your authentic self shine through!

If it feels good, do it!

Go with the flow on your wedding day and forget about the camera. If you have the urge to run and jump into your lover’s arms, do it. If a certain background or location catches your eye, suggest moving there for a photo. If you feel like acting ridiculous and joking with your wedding party, let ‘er buck. Those are the photos that end up the most genuine and gorgeous.