Valentine’s Day: Date Ideas for Everyone

Valentine’s Day can be a contentious holiday. Singles are constantly reminded that they’re not in a relationship and couples are confronted with the “Hallmark” pressure to perform grand, romantic gestures. Parents have the added stress of ensuring their kids have a special time, too.

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Sure, there are some valid criticisms of Valentine’s Day. It can be a bit much – surprises, gifts and all that rot. Which is why we’ve done away with the Valentine’s Day formula and made our own date ideas – for everyone!


Change it up this year. Instead of spending piles of money, take your partner to the location you met and just relax. Plan a casual breakfast, or sign up for a new fitness class together. Homemade cards may seem cheesy, but they’re always worth a laugh, and super fun to receive. Open your best bottle of wine and listen to a great podcast together. Ditch the tired, conventional routine and do something unusual!


We encourage you to let go of your resentment toward Valentine’s Day. Before you roll your eyes up in your head, consider a new approach to the occasion. Instead of accepting the current cultural narrative of “couples and romance,” tackle the day with self-love in mind. Find out where your favourite band is performing next, and buy tickets. Book a cooking class with your bestie, or sign up for an evening of wine and painting. Grab a latte and go for a long walk. Splurge on those amazing boots you’ve been eyeing up, or head somewhere like Crave Cupcakes and treat yo’self!


It’s never too late to start Valentine’s Day traditions with your family. Maybe it’s a game night with take-out, or a family cookie bake-a-thon. For cold climate dwellers, plan a skating party or build a snowman together. Make traditional Valentine’s cards with your kids and deliver them together. Pick a timeless flick, and watch it every year with popcorn and cinnamon hearts.

Whether you’re a V-Day fan or foe, keep in mind that it’s all about love. And not just for couples – don’t forget about self-love, family and friendship!



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