Hosting a Post-Wedding Event

For some couples, hosting a post-wedding event is a wonderful way to extend the festivities and keep the wedding bells ringing. For others, the thought a gift opening or brunch on top of the wedding is simply too much. While both options are perfectly acceptable, how do you know what’s right for you?

Consider having a post-wedding gathering if:

Post Wedding Event.png

You are a very social couple and you know you’ll be dying to recap the wedding with your nearest and dearest the next day.

You have a ton of out-of-town guests who traveled a long way for the wedding and would appreciate more face time with you.

You’re having a destination wedding and breakfast isn’t included in guests’ accommodation.

You have family members or stepparents who want to contribute and offer to host the event for you.

You know you’ll be sad the morning after the wedding, when the celebration is over!

You may choose to pass on a post-wedding event to avoid additional planning and stress, and that’s okay. But bear in mind that this event can be casual and relaxed – it does not have to look like a brunch from Martha Stewart Living! When you think back on your wedding experience, would you ever regret more time with your tribe? Likely not. Weddings are about celebrating love, community, and you!

Our advice? Revel in the spotlight before it’s all over!