The Indecisive Bride’s Guide to Honeymooning

The Honeymoon is arguably the best part of getting married. A wedding is magical, yes, but it comes with a fair amount of frazzle and stress. The honeymoon on the other hand, calls for extreme relaxation, sleep, and pure indulgence.

IBG Honeymooning.png

Interestingly, the “Honeymoon” dates back to the 5th century, when cultures followed the moon cycle as their calendar. Back then, a newlywed couple drank mead (aka, honey) during their first moon of marriage. Mead was an alcoholic drink believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Bow, chicka bow wow. Bet you didn’t anticipate a history lesson on the blog today!

My point? Even in ancient times they recognized the importance of spending time with your new spouse, one-on-one. Keep in mind that your getaway doesn’t have to resemble the final episode of the Bachelorette, set in some exotic location with private butlers and five star amenities. (You also don’t have to worry about hair and makeup, or how you look on camera when you make out.) Plan a camping trip, a cabin retreat, or a few nights in a modest hotel. The point is to decompress after your vows!

Below is more Honeymoon advice from yours truly:

Order room service

A simple way to feel indulgent and splurgy.

Plan a little adventure

Put one day aside to do something you’ve never done before as a couple. Think hiking, horseback riding or skinny dipping. If you’re more low key, check out a new restaurant or drive somewhere beautiful to watch the sun set.


Pump the brakes on technology. Give your partner all your attention!

Take pictures

Much like your wedding, your Honeymoon deserves to be documented.

Get intimate

And don’t be afraid to dip into the mead first. It’s about letting loose, having fun and celebrating with your new spouse!