Indecisive Bride’s Guide: Involving your Groom

Wedding planning should be a shared experience between both partners. But in most cases, brides end up tackling most of the tasks. Let’s be honest – the meaning behind a “shared experience” is lost on most guys when musing over lace table runners and hurricane vases. Don’t expect your groom to care as much about the details as you do!

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While most grooms won’t take the reigns on every little decision, they should definitely be included and considered in the wedding process. Read more on how to involve your groom in the lead-up to your big day.

Let him choose the music

This is an important, but enjoyable task. Your groom will have fun researching different bands and DJs and it will give him some time to think about your first dance song!

Do the budget together

A wedding budget should not be deciphered separately. Sit down with your partner and go over each and every expense. If this seems overwhelming (because it is), enlist the help of a wedding planner!

Involve him in the ceremony

Not everyone is comfortable writing and then professing their starry-eyed vows in front of a crowd. But a lot of guys are left out of the equation entirely. It’s imperative to discuss this concept together because after all, the ceremony is what really matters.

Nail down the guest list together

This can be one of the more stressful items on your to-do list. A great exercise to do as a couple is to write down your entire guest lists separately, and then compare. You may have some arguments over whether or not Great Uncle Larry is invited, but it’s a healthy way to move forward in the planning process.

The suit

Depending on your man’s interest in fashion, he could have this dialed in from day one. But some guys need a little more help. Instead of deciding for him, make a point of going online together and exploring all the different styles for the modern groom. From there, let him choose what he likes and feels best in.

A lot of brides forget that their grooms are actually excited to get married and have plenty of opinions about the big day. Their input is probably helpful and definitely important. Don’t forget to include your man in decision making, or at least try to massage out some of his ideas for your wedding!