Indecisive Bride’s Guide to Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches and toasts may be intimidating to create and deliver, but they are a major highlight in your wedding day. Speeches make guests laugh and cry while giving them a window into your relationship on an intimate and unforgettable level. A good speech has a way of creating a sense of unity in a room while honouring the past and toasting to the future.

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If you’re a bride and you’re anything like me, you might be freaking out a little. The panic sets in and you think, “How do I decide what to say to a room full of wedding guests? What if I crack under the pressure? Can I just die instead of doing this?”

Relax, you’ve got this. Below are some tried-and-true tips for the bride and groom’s address their guests.

Just say thank you.

If public speaking is your worst fear, all you need to remember to do is say “Thank You.” If you have the strength to continue, remember to thank your parents, the wedding party and everyone who helped and/or traveled to be there. This is your chance to really convey your love and appreciation to your community – be vulnerable!

Address your new spouse

After you’ve thanked everyone, make the rest of the speech about your spouse. State why you love them, how blissful you feel and what’s made the day so special. Be specific and don’t skimp on the sweet details!

Tell a little story

Perhaps you have a funny anecdote or a romantic story about your relationship. You could tell everyone your engagement story, talk about your first date, first trip or funny first impressions of each other. Getting personal will make your toast memorable and exciting.

Toast to your future

You’ll likely have moved everyone to tears at this point but be sure to make a strong close. End with a heartfelt message to your friends and family and raise a glass to their love and support. Talk about your dreams and the wishes you have for your new life with your new spouse.