Make the Most of Your Wedding Morning

The morning of your wedding is fraught with nerves and excitement. Gathered with your bride tribe, you wait in anticipation for the moment when you can slip on your dress and head for the altar, bouquet in hand. Most bridal parties agree, the hours leading up to your ceremony are borderline sacred! Below are some guidelines to ensure your morning goes perfectly smooth.

Start early

If your hair and makeup team have several heads and faces to beautify, you must begin in the early hours of the morning. There is never enough time, it always takes longer than we think to get everyone ready for the big day. Instead of feeling rushed, it’s best to take it slow and enjoy every minute with your girls.

Trial, trial, trial!

Even the low-key bride needs to book a beauty trial, for both hair and makeup. Whether you want to be completely transformed, or just look like a glowy version of yourself, book the trial and stick with it. All too often brides are unhappy with their beauty result on the morning of their wedding. And in most cases, there is little time for changes, and it can become a stressful experience for everyone.

Don’t skip breaky

You know that cousin or auntie who offered their help with your wedding a million times? Put them on breakfast bar duty! Most brides are (understandably) anxious on the day of their wedding, causing them to lose their appetite. Keep in mind that this is a long, adrenaline-draining day and you’ll need some sustenance! Stick with fruit, yogurt, granola, hard-boiled eggs and muffins. Also, ensure that someone has packed snacks for the period between the ceremony and dinner. Avoid hanger at all costs!

Bubbles are a must

Don’t be afraid to sip on a mimosa the morning of your wedding. It’s celebratory, it makes for great photos and it takes the edge off if you’re feeling nervous. That said, don’t overdo it or you’ll be feeling sick, or worse, stumbling down the aisle! Drinking water should be top-of-mind – a dehydrated bride is an unhappy bride!

Consider your folks

This is a big day for your parents. Consider including them in a simple way, like dropping by for coffee in the morning or a quick walk together before breakfast. A lot of brides are doing a “first-glance” with their dads, which can be special, too.

Write a love letter

A recent trend for couples is writing their soon-to-be spouse a heartfelt letter on the morning of their wedding. It doesn’t have to be much, just a few sentences about why you love them, or how excited you are to marry them that very day! It’s a fantastic keepsake to look back on each anniversary.

Do you have any questions about your wedding morning? Don’t hesitate to contact us at we love hearing from you!