Mother's Day: Gift Ideas

Mom’s are awesome! And I’m not just saying that because I am one! This upcoming weekend is Mother’s Day and we know that you want to celebrate Mom the right way, but that finding a great gift can be an overwhelming task. That's why, to help you, we've curated a handful of items we think your Mom will love!

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1. Nine West Goldton and Light Pink Strap Watch

A perfect way to add to your Mom’s Spring accessory collection is this contemporary rose goldtone watch from Nine West. She will be over the moon to receive it!

2. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

We all know Mom’s get busy multitasking life, running around the house, and her coffee or tea always ends up being reheated. Why not keep her beverage the perfect temperature with the Ember Temperature Controlled Mug. Pour her favourite hot beverage into the mug and allow it to maintain the perfect temperature.

3. The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe

In the simplistic and streamlined, Kon Mari lifestyle we are all pivoting towards, The Curated Closet book is a strategic approach to identifying, refining, and expressing personal style and building the ideal wardrobe to match it.

4. Love and Lore Perforated Floral Tote in Blush

Give us all the blush totes! We are obsessed with this vegan-leather perforated floral print tote in the perfect shade combining both modern and romantic style.

5. Mama Needs Coffee and Wine Set

Mom needs her daytime, and evening beverages and this box-set of two includes a morning coffee or tea mug and stemless wine glass, sure to make her smile.

6. Green Thumb Garden Journal

Garden season is quickly approaching in Alberta, once we get rid of Winter for good and this incredible and well-designed journal is the perfect companion to any gardener. It offers sections for plant trackers, garden organizers, seasonal agendas, plus four-resealable pockets to store each season's seeds.

JR Tip – Wrap the journal with a few packs of seeds or include a new plant for your Mom to add to her garden. It will make her smile each time she looks at it!

7. Children’s Name Family Pillow

Family personalization is so special and having your brother and sister or grandchildren’s names put onto a pillow for display for Mom to see every day is so touching and a wonderful gift.

8. Custom Family Portrait and Illustration

A custom family portrait is a timeless keepsake that can be updated as your family grows. You can add in pets and fully customize your illustration to your family.

9. Kate Spade Initial Pendant Necklace

Choose the initial that means the most to you with the pendant's reverse engraved with 'one in a million'. Your Mom will adore this gold-plated pendant as every-day wear.

10. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

The best way for Mom to relax is to have some self-care time and this Bamboo Bathtub Caddy holds her book or reading tablet, and a glass of her favourite wine while adjusting to any width tub or jacuzzi.

11. Customized Art Print

A truly sweet semi-custom art print including the backs of you and your wonderful Mom on your wedding day or your Mom holding your hand, there are a few different options to choose from for a perfect art-print representation.

JR Tip – This print is not framed so pick up your Mom’s favourite style frame to present the print inside. We recommend leaving a large space on the frame mat to enhance the size of the print.

12. Apostle Boutique Soko Capped Pia Earrings

When simplicity and minimalism with accessories is key, the Soko Capped Pia Earrings from Apostle Boutique in Calgary delivers. They are the perfect addition to your Mom’s jewelry collection and can be worn while she is dressed up or in casual-wear.

13. Gift Card in Floral Box

Still unsure what to purchase or running out of time and can’t seem to make a decision? Amazon gift cards wrapped in a floral gift box is an opportunity to allow Mom to purchase for herself what she has stored in her checkout-cart. Win-win!

14. Black Bow Muse Robe

You can’t go wrong with more self-care products for Mom, she works so hard! The Black Bow Muse Robe from Nordstrom includes a soft-floral print complete with drape-sleeves and tie with medium-cut length.

Whatever you make, purchase, or how you honour your Mom this upcoming Mother’s Day, we are sure she will love it and enjoy every second of time she spends with you.