Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Parents

From day one, your parents are your biggest fans and greatest supporters. They deserve a thoughtful “thank-you,” for their help with the wedding but also for creating you, and loving you unconditionally.

While there is no right or wrong way to thank them, we’ve identified some fabulous gift ideas, both sentimental and practical.

Personalized Photobook

A printed photobook is an ideal gift. It’s a timeless keepsake and the perfect way to relive your day with your parents again. And what better way to utilize those beautiful professional photos from your wedding day? There are plenty of online options for designing a personalized photobook – check out Shutterfly, Mixbook or Vistaprint for starters!

VIP Tickets

Give your parents the gift of a special night out on the town! Track down some primo seats to their favorite sports team or tickets to a concert, the theater or opera. If you’re feeling generous you could even buy them a gift card for dinner at their favourite restaurant first.

Old Wedding Photo

Track down an image from their wedding that hasn’t been displayed before. You might have to dig through the attic or old photo albums, but if you can find one, have it custom-framed as an homage to your folks on their wedding day.

Wine Subscription

Your parents might need to unwind after the stress and excitement of a wedding and for many of us, wine is the answer. Check out some of the wine shops in their neighborhood and see what type of subscriptions they offer. Another option is to go online and subscribe to a wine club like Wine Collective, Wine of the Month Club, or Wine Wire.

Custom-made Memento

You can’t go wrong with a personalized pendant or bracelet for mom, especially since monograms and engravings never go out of style. For dad, you could engrave his favourite type of whiskey glass or even a tie!

What’s just as important is a card from the newlyweds. Take the time to craft a genuine message with your partner. Remember that your wedding is a milestone to many, not just the two of you. Happy shopping!