Pre-Wedding Self Care

Planning your wedding is extraordinarily exciting, but nobody said it was relaxing. In fact, it’s a pretty tumultuous time in a bride’s life. Between venue selection, vendor deposits, menus and dresses, stress starts to manifest in all kinds of ways. Some brides lash out at their partners, while others report weight loss, hair loss and/or sanity loss.

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Don’t let the to-do list get the best of you. Instead, dedicate some time to self-care and perhaps a few cocktails! Take control of your mental health and remember to enjoy the madness. Below are some ways to cope with the pressure of a wedding. You got this!

Quality time
Nothing can replace spending a few hours uninterrupted with your sweetie. Set a date night to your favourite restaurant or spend an evening sipping wine in the backyard together. Reconnecting is key before the big day – you need to be on the same page as your spouse.

Spa treatment
Treat yo’self to a massage, mani, pedi or facial. Or all four! You could also make it special and invite your mom, MIL or bridesmaids as a pre-wedding outing. If budgets are tight, head to the drugstore for a few at-home pampering products and sport your DIY face mask in front of a good flick.

Work it, girl
Exercise is undeniably one of the greatest natural stress relievers out there. Do some yoga, sign up for spin, or grab a friend hit the pavement for a stroll. I’m no scientist, but aerobic exercises, like running and biking, are the most likely to boost serotonin. That means you’ll be happier, more focused and better suited to make decisions, sans anxiety.

A whirlpool or mineral bath seem like fairly simple solutions for the tense knots in your stomach, but bathing is a habit that lends relaxation and therapeutic benefits to the body year-round. According to, the act of bathing stimulates blood circulation and calms the nervous system. It can help relieve common aches and pains and also promotes a deeper sleep!

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Happy relaxing!