The Perfect Thank You Note

If your wedding is approaching, prepare yourself for a case of the warm fuzzies. An abundance of love and generosity will flood you from everywhere – family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. It is awesomely moving and important to relish each moment.

Perfect Thank you Note.png

It’s also important to express gratitude to your people. And frankly, an email or a generic note isn’t enough. Take the time to handwrite an old-fashioned, personalized card to your guests for their contribution and presence at your wedding!

Nail your notes with this easy outline:

Thank your guest for the gift, specifically stating what the item was. Then explain how you plan to use the gift. “The martini glasses will be ideal for our long weekend barbeque!”

Be sure to mention how wonderful it was to see this person at the wedding, and thank them if they traveled. Do your best to distinguish them from other guests by complimenting their outfit or commenting on a bit of your conversation. “I had no idea you had such wicked dance moves, cousin Larry!”

Suggest a future get-together or reference the next time you’ll see them. “We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks at Jenny’s birthday!”

This style of intimate thank you note goes very far in our fast-paced, virtual world!

Your guests will be thrilled to receive your snail mail and they’ll also be reassured that you received their thoughtful gift. Remember, a lot of people came to celebrate your love, don’t forget to honour and thank them!